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Karmie's sparkle theater

12 June
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about me

I'm a 20-year-old graphic design student who wishes she didn't try THAT hard. I can be sort of snappy and aggressive at times, and I'm prone to getting into trouble. For those who care about that sort of things, I'm a Gemini and was born in the year of the Earth Snake. Pantone says my colors are Aspen Gold and Bird of Paradise.

My Favorite colors are blue, purple, and pink. I love to draw and read, and I also like videogames and trying out new snacks. I'm the kind of person who talks about shit nobody cares about.


I love anime and manga, specially the Maho Shoujo genre. I love it when things are happy, sparkly, and cute. I love warm, comfy clothes, hugs and cuddles. I also love lemon pie and anything related to it. As a result, lemon is one of my favorite fruits.

Having a good laugh at something is something I really appreciate.


I hate olives. Guess it's an acquired taste I'll never really acquire.

Hipocrisy is something I really dislike.

Also, I hate theft. Tracing, recoloring, just plain art theft specially. Even though I love girly things, I dislike diabetic sugar levels. You know, those unbelievable amounts of corn and cheese that make you gag when you read or watch a story. Thus, I hate Twilight and the average corny soap opera. I also hate people who think theit opinion is better, so if you whine about my dislike for something like it's some sort of sacrilege, be sure I won't be so kind towards you.

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