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17th-Mar-2010 02:29 am - Wow, hard to keep up
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You know when you've got so many places to put your things into that you have no idea what to put in each? I'm kinda feeling that way right now :/ I don't know, maybe I should give my lj some different use. My newest haunt, Tumblr, is proving really cool and easy to use and I might limit the use of this account to community spirit or something :/ I guess I'll think about it. I just won't let my Tumblr go.

By the way: http://karmillina.tumblr.com
16th-Jan-2010 10:44 pm - lol late Christmas gifts
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Just tell me: What sort of crazy family gives out their Christmas Gifts™ to each other half a month after Christmas?

I will tell you: My Family.

So yeah, as a full-fledged part of that batshit insane institution that my family is, I went to buy the Christmas gifts this morning. Yes, THIS MORNING. Talk about procrastinating. So the rest of my Christmas money went there but at least my family was pretty happy with their gifts. Sooooo I got a nice brown coat, two Fairy Oak books (the remaining two to complete my collection, they're good kiddy material XD), a DJ Tiesto CD, a star necklace (my sis for the Fleur de Lis first, damn her XD), Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol and the Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince DVD. :3 So I got that out of my head, at least until next Christmas. I hope I can manage to put at least one gift under the tree before I spend all my money.

Lol anyways... I ate tons of bread at lunch, right before getting my fetucchini, so I got super sleepy. Yeah, it sucked a lot. Lol.
11th-Jan-2010 09:12 pm - And a new semester begins!
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Heh, it was a good day. It started nice and easy, and damn it, finally some subjects that really want to make me think!

So I'm writing some essays at the moment, and I'm getting ready to start my first big project, an Architectural Almanac Graphic with the theme "Nations" (Basically, we'll cram information in a "physical room", so we'll make scale models for which we'll make graphics, some sort of awesome educational wallpaper with curious facts and data). I'm very excited about the project so I'm getting a notebook exclusively for working in that specific subject, to make notes, write critiques, remind myself of the homework I have to do, to plan... yeah, everything about Information Graphics.

I discovered I really, really love to argue and use logic... it's fun to reach answers that way, and I definitely should participate in class more often. I have to read more, and I thank Heavens I could move my Screen Printing Class to Thursdays! Now I have Tuesdays completely free, and I guess I'll use mine to take a trip to the Uni Library and check some nice books out.

So, "Nations". It's an interestic topic... But I have to totally finish my essays on data, info, knowlege, and stories first. The assignment was 100 words per definition, plus 100 words about how one can transform into the next. I'm loving this.

In other news, I got an adorable almond cake from Starbucks! Well, it's a very simple one, you can't expect less from a place that specializes in coffee and not in cakes, but I thought it was a nice twist to the usual Christmas cakes. Wonder why I took so long to notice they were selling these! It really made me think I'd love to learn how to make some fondant. It would be awesome for small cakes or simply for having fun with it! <3

1st-Jan-2010 02:32 pm - New year's tl;dr
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Well, I'm not really used to expressing myself in long, tedious text walls but I'll give it a try. Somehow ideas become much more plausible when you speak to them openly, even if it's in a blog.

It's a new year and a new decade and I feel like I absolutely must make some changes in my own person. Not personality-wise, but maturity-wise, skill-wise, school-wise... everything else-wise. I need new winds but at the same time I need to become more like myself, more like I want to be. I have to stop worrying about what others might think, I am human and I am unique and I should be damn proud of that.

"Weird" is an ambiguous word... people tend to avoid others because they are "weird" but they fail to try to seek what's in their hearts. It's not about how pleasant a person can be but about if they are socially acceptable or socially awkward. And it sucks.

Seriously, I won't care if people call me strange. I think of myself as a good person. At least that's how I think I am. I don't try to be unpleasant in front of others, on the contrary; I am shy and I can be weird, but I am not mean on purpose. I don't need to be "normal" to feel good with myself. And the more comfortable I feel with myself, the more comfortable others will be around me, so my whole set of resolutions (which seem to be quite a lot) are made thinking of making me feel good with who I am and having as much fun as possible, which basically is what life is all about. I don't want to waste any more time.

I'm tired of being a boring, mediocre person. I can say as many stupid things as I want. If you don't like them, it's your problem. I don't need to adjust to anyone's standards but mine. So I'd better start writing my list right now. There is no particular order and no particular categorization. I'm just writing what I want to do as it comes into my mind, according to my wants and needs. I might not do them all by the end of the year but it's worth a try.
  1. To improve my art. Become a better artist so I can benefit from it somehow. Do more things aside from anime-style artwork.
  2. To save money. To buy less food at school so I can use that money to buy what I want when I want, and for the future.
  3. To start learning Japanese. The basic knowledge will come in handy when I finally go to Tokyo during Holy Week.
  4. To become more responsible. To do my assignments on time, the things I have to do when I have to do them.
  5. To be more self-conscious. I want to buy the clothes I want and feel pretty the way I want. In other words, develop my own style.
  6. To be more organized. Throw away what I don't need and organize neatly what I need.
  7. To read more. There are many books that I've wanted to read for a long time and I've been too coward to read them.
  8. To review things by myself. I won't arrive to the conclusion that something is bad until I evaluate it on my own. It comes hand in hand with reading more.
  9. To manage my anger more efficiently. To think before saying things I might regret.
  10. To learn how to cook. This'll allow me to save money so I can take my own lunch to the uni when necessary, and also as a chance to treat my friends and my family.
  11. To write. I want to be brave enough to bring my own stories and ideas to life.
  12. To spend less time in front of the computer. There are so many things I could do and I'm missing them or procrastinating because of it. Turn off the computer more often.
  13. To practice more: typography, photography, composition, color picking, vectoring... Those skills are important to me and they should have a priority. I want to become a better designer.
  14. To buy a battery replacement for my laptop. And take very good care of it so it lasts much longer than this one.
  15. To set a morning routine for myself. Wake up, a cup of coffee or tea; workout if possible, shower, breakfast. I should set an order.
  16. To take more pictures, of myself and others. I'm lacking in the memory-collecting department.
  17. To learn how to model with air hardening clay. Hopefully make a business out of it XD
  18. I really really really want to make a small portfolio website, from where I can link to everything else. I'll feel better when I do it for sure XD
  19. To do some workout! Even a small walk during the mornings will do just fine.
  20. To buy a book shelf. I need a decent storage place for my small library.
  21. To decorate my room nicely, so it's a pleasant place to be.
  22. To practice my bookbinding; it's cheaper when you design and make your sketchbooks yourself.
  23. To work on my Orchidée story. It's something that has been haunting me for half of my life and I'll be happy if others get to know it.
  24. To drive to other places in town. The more skillful I am the easier is to get where I want when I want.
  25. To speak my mind when I can, and don't mind about others thinking differently. I want to be braver.
  26. To socialize more. I want to befriend more people and go out more often.
  27. To draw more for my friends.
I can't think of more at the moment... but it should be wise for me to write them out should they appear XD
18th-Dec-2009 02:36 am - christmas + avatarrr
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So, I learned a couple of things while watching Avatar.

spoilers lawlCollapse )

Aaaaaand.... Merry Christmas, dudes! Be nice and Santa might not bring you coal this year. But seriously, have fun and give lots of love.

Yeah I don't have anything interesting to say. So sue me.
3rd-Dec-2009 10:29 pm - journal re-re-re-reborn!
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Because I really really want to use my lj... guess it'll be fun. I might ramble and write stupid things, and post random stuff or weird findings, or simply my sketches! Sooo.... fun... yeah... don't feel like writing a super extensive entry ATM. XD
3rd-Dec-2009 09:57 pm - Test post
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